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Nusery Trackers


Welcome to the Trackers' Nursery class.  We start school in the term after we turn 3. We learn to play and play to learn.

We know that it is important to 'make the right choice', be kind and share our equipment with others.  We enjoy coming to school - some of us stay for lunch and the afternoon sessions too.


The Trackers are taught by Mrs Wood, Miss Stewart, Miss Clanfield and Mrs Nixon.


Our teachers

Our teachers 1
Our teachers 2
Our teachers 3
Our teachers 4
The whole school had an optional homework challenge for the Easter break.  They had to create something to depict "New Life"

We had a great range of different ideas. Well done Trackers

We had a great range of different ideas.  Well done Trackers 1
We had a great range of different ideas.  Well done Trackers 2
We had a great range of different ideas.  Well done Trackers 3
We had a great range of different ideas.  Well done Trackers 4
We had a great range of different ideas.  Well done Trackers 5
We had a great range of different ideas.  Well done Trackers 6
We had a great range of different ideas.  Well done Trackers 7
Our topics for the Summer term 2018 are Classic Modern Stories and then Transitions.

Spring Parents Stay n Play March 2018

We invited our families from Nursery and Reception to come in and take part in a number of Spring related craft, cooking and physical activities.  We had a buffet of refreshments for everyone to enjoy.  We finished with a performance in the rain of our Spring Songs.  Every child then went on an egg hunt and were given a chocolate egg once they had found a plastic one.  Thanks to the Friends of St Martins for providing the eggs.

Great fun was had by all - a lovely way to finish the term.

Science Week and Parent Visits

This week we have been scientists for British Science Week.  We used our senses to investigate some natural resources.  We talked about what they looked like, sounded like, smelt like and felt like.  Then we found a partner with a similar object and talked about how they were different.


We have done lots of exciting activities with our Mummy's and Daddy's - including making book worms for our new library and helping a character Escape from the ice!!!



Science Week

Science Week 1
Science Week 2
Science Week 3
Science Week 4
Science Week 5
Science Week 6
Science Week 7

Parent visits

Parent visits 1
Parent visits 2
Parent visits 3
Parent visits 4
Parent visits 5
Parent visits 6
Parent visits 7
Parent visits 8
Parent visits 9
Parent visits 10
Parent visits 11

Snow days!!

Despite the freezing temperatures our Early Years staff and children have been out enjoying the snow.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Fund raising this year for:  NSPCC (Go Green and Number Day), Children in Need (Bring a cuddly to school), Alzheimers (Elf Day) and the Royal British Legion (Poppies)

We love special days to think about others and raise money

Go Green for NSPCC

Go Green for NSPCC 1
Go Green for NSPCC 2
Go Green for NSPCC 3

Christmas Stay n Play for parents in Trackers and Explorers

15th December 2017

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Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21

Autumn Stay n Play for Early Years

Friday 13th October was our first stay n play of the year. 

Trackers classroom Activities

Trackers classroom Activities 1
Trackers classroom Activities 2
Trackers classroom Activities 3
Trackers classroom Activities 4
Trackers classroom Activities 5
Trackers classroom Activities 6
Trackers classroom Activities 7
Trackers classroom Activities 8
Trackers classroom Activities 9
Trackers classroom Activities 10
Trackers classroom Activities 11
Trackers classroom Activities 12
Trackers classroom Activities 13
Trackers classroom Activities 14
Trackers classroom Activities 15
Trackers classroom Activities 16
Trackers classroom Activities 17
Trackers classroom Activities 18
Trackers classroom Activities 19
Trackers classroom Activities 20
Trackers classroom Activities 21
Trackers classroom Activities 22
Trackers classroom Activities 23
Trackers classroom Activities 24
Trackers classroom Activities 25
Trackers classroom Activities 26

Over summer holiday we worked really hard to improve the Early Years garden.  


A 3 day event was advertised to parents and within the community.   We managed to secure the support of a group of 15 young adults taking part in the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme delivered by the College of West Anglia.  The students and a very small group of parents worked tirelessly for two days.


They cut hedges and grass, cleaned, tidied, weeded, painted, planted, dug, swept and transported raw materials.   The students also ran a fund raising stall with home made cakes and a tombola.


We followed a design created by a very talented parent - Liz Brewer of "Lost the Plot Garden Design", she had the initial ideas for development; researched the best plants for the different areas; came on the day to oversee plant placement and also returned to keep them watered initially.


Luckily we were successful in gaining sponsorship from the Dobbies Community Project who provided a wide range of plants; seeds and bulbs as well as tools; paint and planters; bird feeders and bird food.  Their representative, Vicky Emden, came along for an afternoon to help us too, and organised a photographer from the Lynn News to cover the project for the paper.


Frimstone Ltd of Crimplesham donated and delivered 6 tonnes of gravel and 3 tonnes of top soil for free.


Downham Market Academy gave us unwanted railway sleepers and chair seats to create a raised bed and role-play vehicle.


Jodie Caley from the village delivered an amazing Beech log for the children to investigate and climb on.


A big thank you to all those involved especially the Reading, Gabriel and Powell families, Mrs Heath and her mum plus all of my family.


All the work undertaken has made a great difference to our gardens and has created a fantastic space for the Trackers and Explorers to learn, grow and enjoy.


Garden Project

Garden Project 1
Garden Project 2
Garden Project 3
Garden Project 4
Garden Project 5
Garden Project 6
Garden Project 7
Garden Project 8
Garden Project 9

The results

The results 1
The results 2
The results 3
The results 4
The results 5
The results 6
The results 7
The results 8
The results 9
The results 10
The results 11
Welcome to St Martin at Shouldham.