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Art and Design and Design Technology

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Art and Design and Design Technology 


 Art and Design

Our vision for Art and Design is one that celebrates creativity and individuality. The subject is a vital part of the Primary curriculum as it provides opportunity for all children to express themselves, regardless of their abilities in verbal and written communication. We believe that all can achieve. Through planning and modelling, we teach children that the process of creating art is equally as valuable as the finished product. This encourages them to become reflective learners. We model and encourage the use of subject specific vocabulary to describe and evaluate our work as well as the work of others.

We equip our children with the skills and knowledge necessary for them to express meaningful responses to ideas, feelings and experiences in a visual and tactile form. We teach a progression of skills that develop children’s visual literacy through their understanding of understanding of drawing, colour, form, texture, printing and pattern. We take opportunities to make connections with artists and art events to enrich our curriculum.

As a partnership, we make art and design meaningful by relating it to the specific topic learning of the time. Art is very effective as a cross-curricular link, adding to children’s experiences and enriching and deepening the curriculum.

Art and Design is a practical subject which inspires children to be creative, imaginative and experimental. We support this by providing pupils with the opportunity to explore a wide range of materials and creative processes. We give our pupils the opportunity to explore and interpret high quality artwork. Our pupils are able to appreciate the work of a wide range of influential artists, designers and craftspeople. We consciously choose these artists, designers and craftspeople to celebrate diversity.

Design Technology 

We believe that Design Technology helps to prepare children for the developing world and encourages them to become curious and creative problem-solvers.

Design Technology learning within our partnership stems from the key themes of perseverance, experimentation, innovation, resilience and resourcefulness.

In Design Technology, our children must consider the needs of individuals and society within a caring community. It is an opportunity for children to apply their mathematical, scientific and social skills to solve these real and relevant problems by looking for solutions and responses.

We provide our pupils with the opportunity to explore Design Technology challenges individually and collaboratively, promoting a supportive and respectful classroom environment where all children’s contributions are valued by staff and their peers. Our vision promotes and nurtures a growth mind set. Our children are encouraged to accept and celebrate mistakes and feedback. We give all of our pupils the opportunity to design, build, evaluate and improve their work.

Our children develop their skills in handling and using a range of tools and materials in learning that is connected to their current topic work. We also embrace the wider curriculum links that Design Technology has to offer, such as with Maths and English. This ensures our children receive a deepening curriculum.

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