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Drop Off and Collection

Drop Off and Collection

During these busy times of the day, traffic flow and pedestrian activity around the school and village is high. We recognise that in a rural school, there will be high volumes of traffic, although we encourage children to walk, cycle or car share to school if possible. We are committed to keeping everyone safe during drop off and collection, and appreciate your cooperation with our systems.


Golden Rules...

PLEASE only drive into the school if your child is using the ‘pick up’ system.

Don’t ever park and get out of your car.



Please don't park in the school grounds. When collecting and dropping off, we ask that you park considerately around the village green, taking care not to cause obstructions and keeping a keen eye out for loose children!


'Pick Up' System


Q. What is ‘pick up’?

‘Pick up’ is our drive-by collection system, where children can be collected by car at the main school entrance after school.


Q. Why is this a good idea?

It means that you don’t have to park and get out of your car to collect your child/ren, eliminating the need to park in the school grounds. Parking around the school grounds (on pathways and around the turing circle) obstructs access, reduces the visibility of small children and means that pedestrians have to move across the roads to get to parked cars. All these elements put children at risk.

‘Pick up’ keeps traffic moving around the circle and facilitates efficient collection whilst keeping children safe.


Q. How do I use ‘pick up’?

Children from Years 1-6 can use pick up. Simply tell your child to opt for the ‘pick up’ queue at the end of school. They will be brought to the main entrance by a TA, who will supervise them until you pull up outside and it is safe for them to to hop in!


Q. My child is in Reception. What should I do?

pupils are ‘released’ slightly earlier to stagger collection and prevent traffic jams. There are two options; firstly, park your vehicle considerately outside the school grounds and walk in to collect your child. As the first to arrive at school, parking your vehicle in school grounds sets a precedent, and others will follow! As an alternative, reception pupils can take advantage of the ‘pick up’ system in the same way as the older pupils. This may suit parents who choose to park around the school grounds to ease pick up with younger siblings in tow.


School Transport

Free transport for eligible children is provided in accordance with Norfolk County Council Policy. The school bus collects/deposits at three points in Fincham Village. Eligible children are encouraged to use the bus, to reduce traffic around the school and promote independance. Children are escorted on and off the bus at the school. Details of school transport, including application forms, can be found by clicking ´╗┐here´╗┐.


Bicycle Shed

We have a bicycle shed to store cycles during school time. Pupils are actively encouraged to use 'eco friendly' methods of transport to and from school.

The school provides the opportunity for cycle training at Key Stage 2 and promotes the wearing of cycle helmets.

Welcome to St Martin at Shouldham.