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Respecting, Generous, Achieving 

The teaching of music across the Village Saints Partnership develops pupils' ability to listen and appreciate a wide variety of music and to make judgements about musical quality. It encourages active involvement in different forms of amateur music making, both individual and communal, developing a sense of group identity and togetherness. It is embedded within our curriculum with links to our Christian Values and Global Themes, and is enhanced through other opportunities we provide for children such as bringing visitors to school, listening to a range of composers during worship and playing musical instruments.


Music provides opportunities to promote:

  • spiritual development; through developing pupils’ awareness of the power of music to take the listener out of the commonplace and helping pupils use music to express and reflect on their own thoughts and feelings. 
  • moral development; through helping pupils exercise responsibility in the choices and decisions they and others make as part of the creative process, valuing their own and others’ work and recognising the effect of music.
  • social development; through helping pupils share music-making and develop a sense of social cohesion, recognising the value of different contributions and their own responsibility to support and enrich the work of others, and recognising the need for different roles in group performance.
  • cultural development; through helping pupils recognise how music influences and reflects the way people think and feel, relating music to the time and place in which it was created and performed, and through analysing, evaluating and reflecting on music from contrasting traditions and identifying how and why some aspects change or stay the same.


We believe that all children should be given these opportunities to explore music within a rich, inspiring curriculum.

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