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Respecting, Generous, Achieving 


Enjoy images of our celebration of British values throughout the school.

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St. Martin at Shouldham Primary School aims to provide effective PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) that can have a beneficial impact on pupils' physical, spiritual, emotional well being, and believes it to be an essential part of a holistic education within a Christian context.  PSHE teaching and learning is embedded in all aspects of the curriculum, worship times and throughout school life.  The two year teaching programme includes visiting speakers, specialist teaching, and focus groups, and is regularly reviewed.  Staff, parents' and pupils' opinions are sought through questionnaires and focus groups. 


Through our PHSE curriculum, children discover:


- the skills needed for successful relationships

- a personal and individual moral framework that can guide their decisions and behaviours

- an understanding of differences and diversity

- a knowledge of their bodies

- the confidence and know how to seek help and advice

- self esteem, self awareness and emotional health

- the knowledge, skills and understanding and attitude to optimise their health

- an awareness of the right they have over their own body

- good communication skills, including assertiveness

- the skills and knowledge to make positive informed choices

- the ability to respect the rights of others, to hold opinions that differ from their own - as long as these views do not impact on the rights of anyone else

- the ability to take responsibility for, and accept the consequences of, their own actions


Our aim is that through the teaching of PSHE, pupils will learn to value their own achievements, deal with risk and meet the challenges they will face, and identify their Christian values as they strive to live up to them.


Teaching and learning

A range of teaching strategies are used to provide effective learning opportunities for all pupils.  These include an emphasis on active learning, enquiry, discussion and participation in citizenship and community activities.  Teachers use drama, circle time, role play, art, dance, music and stories from a variety of cultures and religions to explore and express emotions.


Collective Worship / Assemblies

The school's Christian based assemblies provide daily opportunities to enhance pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural developments.  They identify, promote and celebrate the school's Christian values and pupils' achievements. They also provide an opportunity for the wider community to worship and celebrate with the school.  Assemblies provide a time for personal and collective reflection as well as an opportunity for growth and development.

Welcome to St Martin at Shouldham.