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Our science curriculum is knowledge rich.  This means that curriculum is valued, specified and well-sequenced; it is taught to be remembered (with knowledge and skills inter-twined).  Our science curriculum will lay the foundation for pupils to understand what the discipline of science tells us about the world.  We want aim to ignite children's love for science by showing them what fascinating things the human race has learned about the world.  We want our pupils to be able to admire human creativity and achievement and to appreciate the beauty that lies in the world. 


Within our carefully planned curriculum, children are introduced to the inner workings of the human body, animals and the environments that they live in, plants and their features, forces of nature and what lies beyond the visible world. Children are taught to apply their knowledge and conduct their own scientific enquiries to answer questions, working scientifically to develop essential skills in science.


Our science curriculum builds knowledge incrementally year on year to revisit and build upon children’s knowledge and understanding of key concepts. Pupils also study the lives and achievements of a diverse range of scientists including Lewis Howard Latimer, Thomas Edison, Jabir ibn Hayyan. Their disciplinary knowledge will flourish over time enabling them to see the importance of science as a subject and how it translates into the world of research and work, what scientists do and how they impact upon our lives.


We recognise that prerequisite knowledge is vital to learning and as a consequence the units across all year groups build on prior learning.  Every academic year will begin in every class with a unit on The Human Body, this enables prior learning to be built upon and for pupils to retrieve knowledge from their long-term memory. 


By the end of their primary education, our pupils should be equipped to make informed decisions about new technologies, their health and the scientific opportunities around them.


Our science curriculum enables the children of St Martin at Shouldham to become like 'scientists' through working scientifically:

Overview of Science

Science in our School

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