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Whole School Events

British Science Week

At St. Martins we celebrate British Science week every year. British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths organised on by the British Science Association. 


British Science week 2019

This year the theme of the week was 'Journeys'.


Mad Science Assembly

We started the week off with a visit from our favourite Mad Scientist Dr Dee Enay, who brought everything we would needed for a fantastic science party! Including an extra special cake recipe which involved a whole load of chemical reactions. Balloons ... not just any old balloons... Bernoulli Balloons inspired by the Swiss Physicist Daniel Bernoulli who's discoveries about air helped us to develop all sorts of flying contraptions! And party games which involved some hair raising fun and fighting gravity to help Football Freddy fly above our heads.


Whole School Science Day

During our science day each teacher led an investigation around a different aspect of the journeys theme. Each class rotated around and learnt about different journeys that happen here on earth and further afield. From bridge building to sneezing, pollination to electric art and circulation, we all had a fantastic day and learnt a lot. 


Science in the Early Science

Even our youngest pupils took part in the fun, they watched water travel, colours mix, made their own volcano and explored the life cycle of a butterfly.




Science Home Challenges

Poster competition entries

Whole School Challenge

Mrs Marshall regularly sets the school a challenge which every class takes part in. These challenges focus on ‘working scientifically’. With children being encouraged to ask questions, make predictions and test their ideas/theories.

Which class can make the slowest falling spinner from a single piece of A4 paper?

Mrs Marshall set every class the challenge of creating the slowest falling spinner from a single piece of A4 paper. 

Which class can design and make the fastest crisp packet racer?

Mrs Marshall challenged us to make the fastest wind buggy using our collected crisp packets and few other recycled items. 


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