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Year 1 Adventurers


Welcome to the Adventurers' class - a group of Year 1 pupils. We have made the transition to a more formal method of teaching and learning but still enjoy a range of play based experiences when we can. We are developing into independent learners who are willing to have a go.


The Adventurers are taught by Miss Sandford. They are supported by Mrs Blount and Mrs Steels.  


Curriculum Map

Class Dojo Class page




Adventurers are trialling communicating with parents through our on-class page on Class Dojo. Students will also have their own portfolio where they can share work they are proud of. A unique code for you to use in order to join the page has been sent home, along with the all-important permission slip which must be returned before we can set the page up. Below is some more information about the page and how to join.

Christmas Performance

Christmas Performance 1
Christmas Performance 2
Christmas Performance 3
Christmas Performance 4
Christmas Performance 5
Christmas Performance 6
Christmas Performance 7
Christmas Performance 8

Amazing Animals Habitat homework

Amazing Animals Habitat homework 1
Amazing Animals Habitat homework 2
Amazing Animals Habitat homework 3
Amazing Animals Habitat homework 4
Amazing Animals Habitat homework 5
Amazing Animals Habitat homework 6
Amazing Animals Habitat homework 7
Amazing Animals Habitat homework 8
Amazing Animals Habitat homework 9
Amazing Animals Habitat homework 10

World Wildlife Fund Cake and Toy Sale

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1
Remembrance Day 2
Remembrance Day 3
Remembrance Day 4
Remembrance Day 5
Remembrance Day 6
Remembrance Day 7

We enjoyed a Remembrance Enrichment Day on Friday 9th November.  Completing a range of different World War 1 activities in other classes with other teachers: 

Mrs Blount took some photos.

We all took part in our Remembrance Service at 11am and laid our poppies under the flag pole at the front of the school. We also  laid a purple poppy wreath, which we had made, to remember all the Amazing Animals who gave their life during the first World War.


Our topic for Autumn 1 half term was 'Our Wonderful World', we had a great response to our homework grid - here are a few photos. 

Wonderful World - Animal Homework

Wonderful World -  Animal Homework 1 Saltwater crocodile found in Australia
Wonderful World -  Animal Homework 2 All these animals are found in Asia
Wonderful World -  Animal Homework 3 South America had more than North America
Wonderful World -  Animal Homework 4 African animals
Wonderful World -  Animal Homework 5 European animals
Wonderful World -  Animal Homework 6 Antarctic animals
Wonderful World -  Animal Homework 7 We had lots of animals from the ocean too

We enjoyed an afternoon in Shouldham village - investigating and creating a treasure trail for Jupiter Class in our partner school - All Saints to follow.

They did the same in Stoke Ferry and we had a joint trip to each others village.

Village Swap

Village Swap 1 An important part of the village
Village Swap 2 Water pump
Village Swap 3 The village green
Village Swap 4 The old school where Miss Emmerson was a pupil
Village Swap 5 Coach to Stoke Ferry
Village Swap 6 Stoke Ferry War memorial
Village Swap 7 Road safety walking through the village
Village Swap 8 Outside our Partner school
Village Swap 9 We even had time to experience their trim-trail
Welcome to St Martin at Shouldham.